Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy helps you learn:

Ⅰ . How does ZBeetle collect and use your personal information

Ⅱ . How does ZBeetle use Cookie, Beacon, and other technologies

Ⅲ . How does ZBeetle store and protect your personal information

Ⅳ . How does ZBeetle entrust, share, transfer and disclose your personal information

Ⅴ . How do you access to and control over your personal information

Ⅵ . Statement of liabilities to third parties

Ⅶ . Special provision on right to privacy of minors

Ⅷ . Applicability and amendments to this Policy

Ⅸ . Definitions of keywords in this Policy

We, Shenzhen ZBeetle Intelligence Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “we” or “ZBeetle”), respect and protect your privacy. This ZBeetle Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “this Policy”) explains the way ZBeetle collects, uses and stores your personal information and what rights you have when you browse our website or use our products and services. We will strictly follow this Policy. ZBeetle hereby undertakes the followings to you through this Policy. If you would like to have more detailed information, please refer to the corresponding chapters in accordance with the index above:

1.We will explain the type and purpose of your personal information we collect from you in order to help you understand the type, reason to use and collection way of specific personal information collected for certain products, services or functions.

2.When you use certain functions, we will collect some sensitive information upon the receipt of your express authorization, unless such collection is mandatory pursuant to applicable laws and regulations. If you refuse to provide such information, you may not use such certain functions but this should not affect your access to the core functions of ZBeetle products and services.

3.ZBeetle will not actively share or transfer your personal information to any third parties. If it is required to do so, we will explain reasons and obtain your express consent.

4.You may access to, correct or delete your personal information, or withdraw consent, cancel account, file complaints or reports, or set privacy functions to control your personal information by paths or channels listed in this Policy.  

You understand that, this Policy is closely related to your usage of this website, ZBeetle products and services. We recommend that you carefully read and understand the full content of this Policy so that you may make choices as you deem appropriate. We try to use plain and concise languages and to mark clauses that could materially affect your rights and interests in bold, to bring them to your attention.

If you have any questions, complaints or comments related to this Policy, please contact us by visiting Contact Us page. It is our pleasure to directly deal with your requests and fulfill your needs.You understand and acknowledge that when using this website or clicking on the “I agree” button in the registration account program and finishing the registration of ZBeetle account, or using our services and products, it indicates that you agree us to collect, use, store, and share your related information based on this Privacy Policy. We undertake to comply with applicable laws (including the data protection laws in the place where you locate) to protect your personal privacy and data security. We also promise that all of our staff will perform the abovementioned obligations. The purpose of collecting, storing, using and sharing your information is to offer you better services and improve the quality of our products. (e.g., to support the development of new products or improve existing products in order to provide or recommend high-quality or suitable services to you). You are not required to actively provide us any personal information but if you voluntarily share your information listed in this Policy as we requested, you may enjoy better and more convenient services, faster responses and avoid any adverse consequences due to untimely contact with you. 

I. How does ZBeetle collect and use your personal information

 (I) Type, method and purpose for information collection

1. Personal information you provided to us when registering your ZBeetle account. When you register a ZBeetle account and use ZBeetle products and services through your ZBeetle account, you may provide us your personal information, including your email address, user name and password, user account of third-party software, nickname and portrait, shipping address, billing address and telephone number, etc. The purpose of our collection of your personal information is to provide products and services to you, such as order processing and shipment, offering customer service and direction communication with you, sending you emails of new product introductions, account verification, order confirmation, as well as notification of major changes and updates of service functions, technology and safety, etc. In addition, we may collect other information of you in order to provide services and improve service quality, such as the information you provide when our customer service team contacts you, or information you return to us during questionnaire survey. If you refuse to provide such information, it does not affect your usage of basic functions of services delivered by ZBeetle, but may affect the quality of our services.

2. Information we collect from the registered

robots. If you use the app to register online and bind it to robots, we will collect your location information and terminal device information (including the device ID, MAC address, IMSI, IMEI, serial number or product code, or IP address and Wi-Fi network information). Under special circumstances such as error reporting by robots, we will collect the skeleton map for the robot’s cleaning areas to help you handle reported faults.

3. Information automatically

collected from our website and mobile application. Like many websites and mobile application operators, we collect personal information you send to us from the browser when you access to our website or use our mobile applications, such as the type and method of using service, operation information during service usage and other log information related to service, such as your IP address, mobile device version and device ID, device identifier, your position,etc. 

You understand and agree that we can provide your personal information to the competent authorities pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations, court orders or any other provisions of legal proceedings, or mandatory requirements imposed by administrative or judicial bodies without your authorization or consent.

II. How does ZBeetle use Cookie, Beacon, and other technologies

1.  How does ZBeetle use Cookie technology for automatic information collection. To provide you easier browse experience, when you access to ZBeetle website or use services offered by ZBeetle, we may identify you through small data files, which may assist you in skipping the repeat input of registration information or help determine the safety of your account. This data may include Cookie, Flash Cookie, or other local stored data provided by your web browser or related applications (Collectively referred as “Cookie”). Our system may automatically collect the following information from you through Cookie:Information of your device or software, e.g., configuration information of your mobile device, web browser or any other applications connected to our services, your IP address, and version and device identifier of your mobile device;Information searched or browsed when using our services, e.g., search words on the webpage, URL addresses of the accessed page, and any other information and details browsed or provided when using our services.

2.  How does ZBeetle use Beacon or other technologies for automatic information collection. To further understand your preferences on our products and services and improve our services, our website may also insert some digital images (called “single-pixel GIF file” or “Web Beacon”) to collect information related to your web browsing activities, including page addresses you access to and cited page you previous visited, your browsing environments and display settings.

3.  Our products and services may contain third parties’ Cookies or Beacon. Our products and services may have Cookies and Beacon placed by advertisers or other partners. These Cookies and Beacons may collect non-personal information related to you, in order to analyze how you use these services, send advertisements you may be interested in or assess the advertisement effects. Third parties’ collection and usage of these information with Cookies and Beacons are not bound by this Policy, but are subject to the privacy policies of related users. Therefore, we bear no responsibilities for third-parties’ Cookies or Beacons.

4. How do you refuse our usage of Cookies or Beacon technology to collect your information. You can refuse to or manage Cookies or Beacon through browser settings. However, please note that: if you disable Cookies or Beacon, you may not enjoy the optimal service, or certain services.

III. How does ZBeetle store and protect your personal information

1.  Where we save your information. For personal information collected and generated in China, we will save them in China. If it is required to transmit related personal information collected in China to an overseas agency, we will comply with laws, administrative regulations and regulations of relevant supervisory authorities, and require such overseas agency to keep confidential the personal information obtained by effective measures such as signing agreements and reviewing. We will only retain your personal information within the necessary period for the purposes stated in this Policy and the period required by laws and regulations.

2.  Our data security capacities and policies. We undertake to maintain information security to the level as specified by laws and regulations. To keep

your information safe, we commit to apply various safety technologies and supporting management systems to protect your information from being disclosed, destroyed or lost. Meanwhile, we set up a responsible department for personal information protection, develop relevant internal control system to adopt the principle of minimum authorization of staff who may access to your information, and the access procedures and approval mechanisms to strictly control data.

3.  We also establish a reporting mechanism for personal information security events. Please understand that due to the limitation of technologies

and potential malicious attacks, personal information security incidents may unfortunately occur due to factors beyond our control. In the event of security incident, we will immediately notify you of the followings in accordance with laws and regulations: general facts and potential influences of the security incident, measures we have taken or will take, advice for your protection of information and reduction of risks as well as remedial measures, etc. We will inform you of the relevant facts of the incident by emails, letters, calls or notifications. When it is difficult to inform the subject of personal information one by one, we will release announcements in a reasonable and effective manner. We will also take the initiative to report the handling result of personal information security incident to regulatory authorities based on requirements.

4.  Deletion of your information. If we stop the services or business operation, we will promptly cease to continuously collect your personal information, and will notify you individually or by announcement. We will also delete or anonymize your personal information held by us. 

IV. How does ZBeetle entrust, share, transfer and disclose your personal information

(I) Entrusting for processing If it is necessary to provide you with better or required products or services, we may entrust a third-party service provider to analyze or process your personal information. The third-party service provider will analyze and process your personal information in the name of ZBeetle. ZBeetle promises to you that we will comply with the following requirements when entrusting a third party to process your personal information:

1. ZBeetle will not analyze or process information beyond the scope of authorization and consent provided by you.

2. ZBeetle will conduct prior assessment on the data security capacities of the third-party service providers to ensure that they are competent as required by laws and regulations.

3. ZBeetle will agree on the responsibilities and obligations of the third-party service providers with contracts to ensure that they comply with all applicable laws, regulations, industry rules and standards, business norms and codes of conducts in the judicial district where you locate, and ensure that such third-party service providers are subject to obligations with at least the standards on which we are obliged for you.

4. ZBeetle will accurately record and save the entrusting processing of personal information in order to protect your information safety and ensure effective access to and control over your information.

5. ZBeetle will ask the third-party service providers to delete your personal information and destroy all data copies upon the termination of the entrusting relationship. Some of our third-party partners may collect data generated when you use our products by integrating software

programs in our products. These third-party partners may collect your IP address, web page visit history and other information, and use them for pushing personalized advertisements, optimizing software, etc. Please refer to third-party privacy policies to learn more.

(II) Sharing and transfer In principle, we will not share or transfer your personal information to any companies, organizations and individuals. However, we may share your personal information for legal, reasonable and necessary purposes in the following exceptional circumstances. Thirdparties receiving data have no right to share or transfer personal information for any other purposes that you are not informed of by this Policy.

1. Such sharing of information shall be necessary for providing products and services to you and shall be conducted upon your prior express authorization or consent. You understand and agree that, if it is necessary to provide you better or required services, ZBeetle may share or transfer your personal information with its affiliates or other third-party service providers upon your prior express authorization or consent. For instance, when you purchase products from ZBeetle website, we may share your transaction information with banks or your transaction counterparties to prove the authenticity of such transactions and protect your legitimate interests. Meanwhile, we must share the your address information with logistics service providers for arranging delivery. ZBeetle may also entrust third-party data analysis company to analyze and handle your personal information. ZBeetle promises to you that we will comply with the following requirements when sharing or transferring your

personal information to third parties:

1) Conduct prior assessment of impacts on personal information security, and adopt effective measures to protect personal information subject based on assessment results.

2) Accurately record and save the sharing or transferring of your personal information, including but not limited to the date, scale, purpose of sharing or transferring, and basic information of data receiving parties, in order to help you learn the storage and usage of your information by the receiving parties.

3) Guarantee your information safety and ensure effective access to and control over your information, such as access, correction, deletion, and account cancellation.

2.Information transfer due to changes like acquisition, merger or reorganization With constant development of our business, ZBeetle may engage in such transactions as merger, acquisition and asset transfer. We will inform you of relevant facts and continuously protect or cause data receiving parties to continuously protect your personal information in accordance with laws and regulations and subject to standards at least with the degree of strictness as the ones required by this Policy.

3.Sharing of your personal information based on laws and regulations as well as mandatory requirements from supervision authorities We may provide your personal information to corresponding supervision authorities in accordance with laws and regulations, court orders or any other provisions of legal proceedings, or mandatory requirements imposed by administrative or judicial bodies. Under this circumstance, the sharing of information may not require your prior authorization or consent.

(III) Public disclosure We will not disclose your personal information to the public. If such disclosure is required, we will inform you of the purpose, the type of disclosed information and the scope of sensitive information that may be involved, and we will obtain your express consent.

V. How do you access to and control over your personal information

1.  How do you access to and correct your personal information. You may log in with your ZBeetle account on the ZBeetle official website. Click on “Account Management” (or log in with your ZBeetle account through mobile application and click on “My Personal Information Management”) to view or modify your personal profile or perform relevant privacy or safety settings. However, due to security and identity considerations or based on mandatory provisions of laws and regulations, you may not modify some of initial Registration information you provided at the time of registration.

2.  How do you refuse to receive promotion notifications. You may click on “Unsubscribe” button in any emails sent by us to refuse to receive promotion notifications we send to you. Please note that you may not unsubscribe or refuse to receive any messages related to your account, such as account verification, order confirmation, as well as notification of changes and updates of service functions, technology and safety.

3.  How do you delete your personal information. If you find that our collection and usage of your personal information are in violation of laws and administrative regulations or our agreements with you, you may contact us or contact online customer service staff and ask them to delete your personal information collected through such illegal acts.

4.  How do you correct your personal information. If you find any errors in the personal information collected and stored by us, you may contact us or contact online customer service staff and ask them for correction.

5.  To ensure security, we need to verify your ID and supporting materials first before responding to your requests in the above Items 4 or 5. After verification, we will handle related requests within five (5) working days; in special circumstances, we will make response within thirty (30) days or any period specified by laws and regulations. In the event of failure to make such response, we will provide reasonable explanations. In addition, we will also notify any third parties receiving your information according to Section IV to respond to your requests in Items 3 or 4.

6. How do you cancel your ZBeetle account.

You may contact us or contact online customer service staff to request for canceling your ZBeetle account. Please note that we will delete or anonymize your personal information after the cancellation of your account.

7. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may not respond to your requests pursuant to laws and regulations in the following circumstances:

1) Directly related to national

security or national defense;

2) Directly related to public

safety, public health or vital public interests;

3) Directly related to criminal

investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgment;

4) Sufficient evidence proving that

you conduct acts in bad faith or abuse your rights;

5) Response to your request will

cause severe damages to your legitimate interests or those of any other

individuals or organizations;

6) Involvement of trade secrets.

VI. Statement of liabilities to third partiesPlease note that, the operators of the third-party websites you visit, third-party services access to through us and third parties receiving your personal information from ZBeetle may have their own privacy policies; we will use commercially reasonable efforts to cause these subjects to adopt protection measures on your personal information.

However, we cannot ensure they will do so based on our requirements. Please contact them directly to learn details about their privacy policies. If you find websites created by or applications developed by third parties have leakage risks, we recommend you to immediately stop related operation to protect your legitimate interests.

VII. Special provision on right to privacy of minors We expect parents or guardians to guide minors to use our services. If you are under 18 years old or you are a minor in accordance with laws and regulations in the your location, we recommend that your parents or guardians read this Policy and that you send our services or send information to us upon consent from your parents or guardians. If your parents or guardians do not agree your usage of our service or provision of information to use based on this Policy, please immediately stop using our services and notify us timely so that we can adopt corresponding measures. ZBeetle will protect the confidentiality and security of minors' personal information in accordance with related national laws and regulations.

VIII. Applicability and amendments to this Policy

This Policy is applicable to the ZBeetle’s official website, and all products and services. This Policy is subject to change as

appropriate. In the case of any change to provisions under this Policy, you may view this Policy on the homepage bottom of this Policy. We encourage you to view our Privacy Policy every time you access to our services.

IX. Definitions of keywords in this Policy For the purpose of this Policy,“ZBeetle’s affiliates” refer to: any companies, legal institutions, and legal successors of such companies and legal institutions that control, are controlled or under common control with Shenzhen ZBeetle Intelligence Co., Ltd. currently or in the future.