About XWOW

I. Brand idea

Bring heart-warmed experience with technology

II. Brand product

XWOW Robot Vacuum and Mop

III. XWOW functions

Real-time automatic mop cleaning

The robot comes with a clean water box and a sewage box. By spraying clean water on the floor, this robot removes dirt and enables real-time collection of sewage to the sewage box. Simultaneous mopping and mop cleaning keeps mop clean all the time.

Innovative crawler-type mop

Innovative crawler-type mop provides an unfolding area up to 510cm2 and higher mopping efficiency

20N force apply to the ground

With high-speed mop rotation and up to 20N force apply to the ground, the robot is capable to remove tough dirt.

Integration of automatic sweeping, suction, cleaning, mopping and collection

The robot comes with sweeping, suction, cleaning, mopping, and collection of dirt, that can meet different scene requirements in entire house.

1+3 laser navigation & obstacle avoidance system

LDS laser navigation ensures efficient, accurate and real-time mapping; and the linear laser system with 3 sensors avoids collision and reduces chances of being trapped.

The intelligent station comes with automatic water refilling and sewage drainage functions.

During cleaning, if the robot clean water box is empty or the sewage box is full, the robot will automatically return to the station for refilling clean water and conducting deep cleaning for mop.

Innovative arc station

Innovative large-arc station provides a harmonious shape and a sense of warmth.

Mobile phone App + Intelligent voice control

Personalized cleaning mode is available using the phone app to ensure simple operation and worry-free cleaning. Support Siri and Tmall Genie voice control to create a clean life as you like.