Debut of New Product XWOW Brings Freedom and Cleanness for Users

Since its establishment in January 2021, Shenzhen ZBeetle Intelligence Co., Ltd., an intelligent household service robot company, has finished two rounds of financing. Lead-investors of the first round were Cathay Capital and Zoo Capital; and lead-investors of the second round were INCE Capital and Maison Capital, and co-investors were Cathay Capital, and Zoo Capital. The total raised fund amounted to more than RMB one hundred million yuan. The raised fund was mainly used for team building and research and development of XWOW. It is reported that this product is expected to be launched in the beginning of December.

XWOW robot is the first household cleaning product researched and developed by ZBeetle Intelligence. Originated from current sweeper and handheld floor scrubber in the household cleaning field, innovative breakthroughs have been made in body structure, core algorithm, mop structure, and so on. On the basis of sweeper, this product integrates and improves mopping performance of handheld floor scrubber, delivering extreme cleaning experience and core competitiveness against other products, making it a new species in the intelligent household cleaning field.

In 1997, Swedish professional home appliance manufacturer Electrolux introduced its first sweeper called Trilobite. After more than 20 years, sweeping robots have gone through the random cleaning era in 2002 to today’s laser navigation cleaning era. With evolving technology, sweeping robots have become more and more mature, and are developing into rigid-demanded house appliances like washing machines. However, technical development seemed to halt from 2021. Sweeping robots on the market failed to address actual user pain points, and cannot meet market requirements from cleaning and convenience aspects.

If a consumer wants to purchase a household cleaning product, the actual usage performance is the ultimate factor to be considered. However, among cleaning products on sold, only floor scrubber can compete with human labor in terms of cleanness. However, it is handheld. There are no sweeping robots that can outperform manual cleaning across the entire market. The question is, how to develop a product with better cleaning performance while freeing up consumers’ hands?

ZBeetle Intelligence R&D team finally found the starting point to tackle user pain points through continuous research and testing. According to the reporter, XWOW robot has multiple innovation. The brand-new mop design offers a larger contact area, larger force, and better cleaning performance than traditional double-wheel, drum, and sheet-shape mop structure; innovative self-cleaning system enables real-time collection of dirt and avoids secondary pollution. Apart from technical innovation in robot and mop, multiple patents and robust technical breakthroughs bring core competitiveness for XWOW.

However, it is not easy to solve mopping pain point because this means integration of floor scrubber functions in a sweeping robot and reduces human operation. Robust cleaning power of a floor scrubber is realized by increasing force, posing huge challenges to product structure, space utilization, and so on. To practically address pain points and offer optimal cleaning solutions to users, ZBeetle Intelligence team has spared great efforts in research and development by making 7 prototypes for the entire machine, while most manufacturers across the sweeping robot industry only make 4 prototypes or less. It can be seen that, its study of technology and stringent requirements for products is one of the reasons for ZBeetle Intelligence to attract capital.